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Welcome to Hurricane Custom Billiards - The World’s Coolest Custom Pool Tables and all sorts of game room fun.  From pool to ping pong to poker, we specialize in creating tables as unique as you are.   And we don’t just change the colors on the same old tired designs - we create playable works of art which make a statement about each one of our clients.  We’ve got nothing against the other table makers, but if bowling alley decor isn’t your style, check us out and see if something catches your eye.

So thanks for visiting.  Take a look around and when you’re ready for a truly custom experience, give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop in and see what we’re building. 

Hurricane Custom Billiards  - Earth’s Coolest Pool Tables and Accessories!


earth’s most unique pool tables...

keepin’ it green (and blue)....

Hurricane Custom Billiards is dedicated to the principles of sustainable design and protection of the environment and our natural resources.  While we often incorporate unique woods and energy-intense materials into our designs, we strive to utilize recycled metals and materials which are responsibly harvested and free of toxic binders and finishes.

There’s only one Earth...let’s keep it green.



All designs are copyrighted and protected by law.  Unauthorized reproduction of our tables is not just lame, it’s illegal.

Download catalogs:

2015  Product Catalog.pdf

Featured Table - A sweet 9’ Force 12 table of teak and mahogany.

What’s going on:

great time in texas

dallas, texas

Needless to say, we see some great homes and great gamerooms, and this custom install was no exception!  This beautiful  estate is now home to three outstanding HCB tables:  a 9’ Force 12, a matching 16’ Force 12 shuffleboard, and a completely custom, like-nothing-else-on-the-planet ping pong table with etched glass net and enough chrome to make even the most dedicated hotrod enthusiast jealous!  

home from the heartland

omaha, nebraska

HCB returns from a great visit to America’s Heartland where we installed a beautiful pair of Predator tables - a 12’ shuffleboard in maple and cherry and an 8’ pool table of walnut and spalted maple.  These tables went into the brand new showroom of the Echo Group, a leader in home automation, electronics and lighting.  If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out!

spring is here!

long beach island, Nj

After a brutal winter, Spring finally arrives just in time for our install in a beautiful waterfront home.  In addition to a 9’ Predator table, we installed several custom pieces including lights, stands, side tables, and even a custom easel!  But it was our clients who made this such a great trip - wonderful people we won’t ever forget!

check out “in the shop”

Check out some of the amazing stuff we’re working on.  Follow this link to the page dedicated to works in progress.  We can’t say it often enough that we’ve got the best and most creative clients on the planet!

All’s well that ends well...

Toronto, ontario

An ice storm on December 22 threatened to keep HCB from the 70 degree Christmas that we’re used to here in sunny Florida.  Luckily, the great time we had in this amazing city was just extended a couple of hours.  Check out this one of a kind height adjustable pool - ping pong and poker table - you’ll never see anything like this by anyone else!  And check out the video!

a royal time...

dhaka, bangladesh

HCB returns from yet another amazing place we’ll never forget.  After installing a custom 9’ Automaniac in a man cave fit for a king, we enjoyed the wonderful people, food and hospitality of this incredible city.

train to bangkok...


HCB returns from an install in the amazing city of Bangkok, Thailand!  Good times, great food and even greater people made the installation of this custom Predator a trip we’ll never forget!

one special place...

guernsey, channel islands

HCB returns from Guersney, Channel Islands  After installing a custom VertX table in a 400 year old beautifully restored farmhouse, we toured the island, ate incredible food, and took in the uniqueness of this amazing place.  Once again, HCB clients prove to be the most genuine people on Earth.  Wonderful people we won’t ever forget.  What a great trip!!

it’s all good...

vancouver, british columbia

After years of hearing all the hype about how great Vancouver is, we’re here to tell you...IT’S TRUE!!!  Every word!  Take a beautiful city and fill it full of super-friendly Canadians and you’ll quickly see why EVERYBODY loves this place.  OK, we can do without the traffic, which is screwed up everyday, all the time, but that’s a small price to pay to be a part of this great place.  Can’t wait to go back!

anytime, anyplace !

Have you Googled “custom pool tables” lately?  Have you seen what comes up?   Really?   Expect more.

check it out...

Toronto Adjustable Table Install

Automaniac install